Titus Andronicus

Lighting and Sound Design

Kentucky Shakespeare, Louisville, KY

William Shakespeare, Playwright | Matt Wallace, Director

October 2016 / October 2017

Nominated for Best Lighting Design, 2016 Broadway Louisville Awards


“Throughout, lighting and sound designer Jason Weber helps maintain a certain ominous weight in the production.”

– Ashlie Stevens, WFPL (2016 Production)

“One of the superstars of the show is Jason Weber, for his light and sound design; he managed to keep the hairs on the back of my neck at attention for pretty much the whole play.”

– Melissa Chipman, Insider Louisville (2016 Production)

“Jason Weber’s lighting and sound design deliver a totally cinematic experience, one that’s totally immersive. It’s not that you’re watching a horror movie so much as you are in one.”

– Melissa Chipman, Louisville Insight (2017 Production)


Overture (montage of original music from the show used in advertising)